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Our Story 

d'Vida started as a physical retail store at two premier NYC commercial locations back in 2009.  Our mission and objective was to create and provide health food products including juices, smoothies, nutritional bars, baked goods and other similar products that were delicious, wholesome and made with what we believed were the best ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.  After a while, we thought perhaps there's a better way to get these products to more people.

So, we began to transition from commercial locations to a company focused on sourcing, creating and selling the best consumer packaged goods and products with nutritionally valuable ingredients. By 2015, we’d closed all of our stores to better focus on getting our products to everyone in the market.

Now, we supply d’Vida products, including health bars, smoothies, beverages, snacks and other foods, online and through retail stores and corporate cafeterias. Some of our premier locations include Credit Suisse, WebMD, Channel 13, Yelp, Nomura Securities, and more.  After Covid, we decided to bring on additional brands, that meet our standards for the nutritionally valuable ingredients, including brands such as RX Bar, KIND, CLIF and will be bringing on many more.

The transition to who we are today was definitely the right choice for us, and we believe it was the right choice for our consumers. We haven’t looked back since. 

You can enjoy d’Vida's offerings at any time. Learn more by checking out our website. We’re sure you’ll find something to love.