Our Mission

d’Vida Health is committed to bringing you healthy, clean, delicious snack bars, smoothies, beverages and other unique foods made with premium ingredients your body will love. All the products we select to offer our customers have been vetted for their ingredients and nutritional value. In addition, we supply our own custom products under the d'Vida brand when you're looking for something more specific for your nutritional needs.

Our variety of nutritional foods are sure to suit every routine and craving whether you want something salty and sweet or creamy and crunchy. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between your health and your taste buds when it comes to snacking.

Featured Foods

  • KIND Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate

    We recently started adding KIND bars for our customer's enjoyment.

    For Peanut Butter lovers, this nut bar made with roasted peanut butter and dark chocolate is the perfect treat for your Peanut Butter and Chocolate fix.

  • Peanut Perfection Bar

    Delectable Chocolate and creamy peanut butter in one delicious bar? Yes, please! Our Peanut Perfection Bar offers the perfect mix of indulgent flavors and healthy ingredients. Every bite tastes like the sweetest treat, but gives your body the whole grains, protein, and goodness you need.

  • RX Bar Chocolate Chip

    We recently started carrying RX Bars as we love the ingredients.

    You could have a cookie at snack time. Or you could have something better for you. Like one of our Chocolate Chip protein bars.

    These delicious bars are made with decadent chocolate chips, and a few other simple ingredients like egg whites, dates, and nuts.

  • Chocolate Comfort

    If you’re a chocoholic, get ready to fall deeper in love. Our Chocolate Comfort bar offers all the rich, decadent, and creamy chocolate taste you could want combined with just the right amount of nut crunch for a snack you’ll crave. PLUS it’s packed with protein, whole grains, and nutritious goodness.

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